On this page you will find articles pertaining to proper training mindsets, how to think about training from an objective perspective, theoretical approaches to training, and how to make better decisions to improve your performance in the gym and on the platform.

All About Intensity Mike Tuchscherer Training intensity gets more press than training volume, but most of the time it just
Locking Out a Deadlift By Mike Tuchscherer Lots of people talk about deadlifting, but you’ve got to examine the source
An Experience Report: Eccentric Training to Rehab Tendinopathy By Bernhard Klinger I was pushing my training hard for an upcoming competition
Gainz not Painz: Sacroiliac Dysfunction (low back, hip, inner thigh pain) by Jake Noel I usually hear one of two
In January 2016, RTS issued a free experimental training program to anyone who signed up.  It was called Project Momentum. 
Pendulums swing to and fro. That’s what pendulums do. I see another pendulum swinging lately and this one has to
A very good friend of mine recently asked me an interesting question. What does it take to develop a champion
I’ve recently posted a few videos of myself using weight-releasers on my Instagram and Facebook pages.  People seem to think
A friend of mine used to tell me “health is cumulative.” What he meant was that you could think of
Watch an old movie about boxing and you’re sure to see it. The young brash fighter wants the title shot,