On this page you will find articles pertaining to proper training mindsets, how to think about training from an objective perspective, theoretical approaches to training, and how to make better decisions to improve your performance in the gym and on the platform.

Choosing Sets-n-Reps; A Guide to Protocol Selection By Mike Tuchscherer For those familiar with the Reactive Training Manual, you have
Pendulum Shift By Mike Tuchscherer We’re all aware of pendulum shifts in the iron game. For a while, everyone believes
Thoughts for Round Back Deadlifters By Mike Tuchscherer It seems like every week, I get into a discussion with someone
Competing Well By Mike Tuchscherer As I’m writing this, I’m preparing for the Raw Unity meet for 2010. I was
  Resetting Expectations By Mike Tuchscherer A while back, I went to go see the movie “Safehouse” with Denzel Washington.
The Seven Principles and You By Mike Tuchscherer Training discussions often turn to which method or program is the best.
Fatigue Percents Revisited By Mike Tuchscherer In the RTS Manual, I introduced Fatigue Percents as a reliable, effective way to
Passive Restoration by Mike Tuchscherer We all know that training is stressful. And most of us understand that it’s not the
  Accelerate Your Technical Mastery By Bryce Lewis Athletes often ask me how to fix their squat, deadlift, or bench
The Cognitive Squat By Mike Tuchscherer I’m a very cognitive person. I think through everything – even when I lift