On this page you will find articles pertaining to proper training mindsets, how to think about training from an objective perspective, theoretical approaches to training, and how to make better decisions to improve your performance in the gym and on the platform.

A friend of mine used to tell me “health is cumulative.” What he meant was that you could think of
Watch an old movie about boxing and you’re sure to see it. The young brash fighter wants the title shot,
So this article is about why speed work doesn't work -- at least not for the reasons you think it
Writing can be a difficult process, even for those without literacy issues! I know at least for me, I have
Probably the most frustrating part of powerlifting is KNOWING in the marrow of your bones that you can do a
IPF Masters World Champion and world record holder in the 83kg class (50 years old). Then comes back to set
For as long as I’ve been lifting weights (and probably a lot longer than that), “Long Term Planning” has been
I get lots of people coming on the site asking for a program check. Actually thoroughly checking a program is
Have you ever noticed that most of the top level lifters have the ability to grind out heavy weights? Of
This past June, I went to Russia for the IPF raw world championships. I met one of the Austrian lifters