• At the time of this writing we have coached…
  • 26 lifters at IPF Classic World Championships
  • 7 IPF World Record Holders
  • Dozens of National record holders in various countries
  • Hundreds of busy professionals, college students
  • Hundreds of masters lifters (over 40 years old)
  • Men and women of all ages and weight classes

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“9/9 1500total @181 w/o wraps!! Epic day 150 lb meet PR vid coming soon!” — Mike Garozzo

Photo courtesy steadygrind.net
Photo courtesy steadygrind.net

“I am a physician and have been powerlifting since the age of 17. I’ve been trained by some of the greats and was fortunate enough to have grown up under the tutiledge of Judy Gedney, the first female inductee into the USAPL hall of fame as well as an IPF world champion. I am now one of Mike’s athletes and have been so for close to a year. Mike is the most intelligent strength coach I have come across. As a physician, I trust very few people with my training and tend to be a control freak with it. I researched RTS for some time in the background before deciding to take the plunge into making a permanent training shift into RTS style training. Let me tell you — this is the best decision that I have made with regard to my training, ever. Hands down. I had been stagnant with my training for some time, but in the last year, Mike has taken me to an American record in the squat as well as a raw total that is close to the same as what my geared total was when I started with RTS. Mike is not one of these coaches that spits numbers at you and tells you programming. Mike is genuinely concerned with your success. He has done his best to work with my job demands to keep me injury free and stronger than ever. If you are questioning whether to sign up with RTS, don’t. Do it, and make the best decision of your life with regard to your training.” — Kris Hunt, M.D.

“Feeling like since I sent you the vids from the last meet that my training has become alot more streamlined and targeted towards weaknesses in each of the lifts.” — Rob Lepine

“I’d find it hard to believe that any one that honestly put it the work has anything bad to say about your programming.” — Justin Steyer

“I would like to thank you for your guided programming services. Last year my raw total was 512.5 kg and this year I went 9/9 lifting 222.5 kg on the squat, 130 kg on the bench, and 242.5 kg on the deadlift for a 595 kg total (bigger than my equipped total back in January 2015) with an injured knee and a back injury 2-3 weeks out. My lifts were all smooth and fast and were not true maxes due to playing it conservatively. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and improving me as a lifter.” — Spencer Co

“So test day went very well. I went 9/9 with most of the attempts right on the money. 30 kg increase in my total in 12 weeks. What more can I say but thank you.” — Mark Dowling

“Hi coach, before my question I just want to say on my test day this week my wilks score was 322, when I started with RTS about 2 months ago my wilks was around 285. All of my lifts went up while I lost weight! Loving the RTS programming.” — Jeremy McDowell

“All lifts seem to be up and I’m expecting across the board prs at the meet.” — Barrett Marum

“Mike, I like the way you start from what a blend of experience and theory says is suitable for a given lifter and then fine tune from there based on individual factors. As a busy family guy with limited time to train, I really appreciated that. Your modesty and humility, which are really striking in your coaching calls and youtube videos, make you stand out in the increasingly busy online-coaching market, and it is great that you explain why things work rather than just tell people to do them. Mark’s speed of email response was great, and I was impressed by the detail and insight of his replies. It was great having a break from going into battle with the barbell alone all the time, especially when training through/around injury.” — Will Knowland

“I feel that i get better and see myself progressing each cycle.” — Vishant Poeran

“I’m delighted with how the last cycle has gone.” — Mark Dowling

“Overall I feel that working with you is the best trainning decision I ever made.” — Hamad AlAjmi

“…just wanted to say thanks, I’ve made more progress using this programming than I have ever before. Despite sitting most of 2014 out with a spinal injury, I signed up for this at the start of 2015 when I was good to start lifting heavy again. I have already added over 100kg to my old PB total in just 6 months (went 665@117 the other weekend) and not showing any signs of slowing down. Hoping to break a 700kg total and 400 wilks by the end of this year or early next year.” — Robert Worman

“Great! Made fantastic progress once more, beginning to have numbers that would be competitive on an international level, and that has been my goal all along. My body (knock on wood) has held up great as well.” — Bryce Krawczyk (has since set an IPF Open World Record in the Deadlift)

“It was cool when you checked in a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t expect it. Maybe because in the years I have had a coach, they have never checked in on me to see how I’m doing. Like I said, I don’t expect it, but it helped boost me some.” — Coaching Client

“The end of this cycle have been positive. All lifts are moving up.” — Fredrik Gudmundsson

“I have to say I enjoyed the whole training cycle. I felt mixing the different types of lifts worked very well.” — Laddie Gibson, Masters World Champion

“I owe a lot of my success to you and RTS for teaching me invaluable training philosophy and an ability to know myself well enough to make solid attempt selections. So thank you for all of the help, which ultimately helped me achieve a 100kg meet pr and a spot on a national podium.” — Tristan Nazelrod

“We’ve talked on and off before about training. Last we talked, I had a family emergency and couldn’t afford to hire you. Since then I’ve been doing your general intermediate program and have put 120 pounds on my TOTAL in 5 months. Thank you so very much. I’m hoping down the line to hire you as my coach. I know this is random but just wanted to say your hard work on helping people with training has been well worth it to those like me who need guidance Thanks.” — Jon Lauderdale

“I’m really pleased with the last cycle. There were days that seemed impossible to complete due to soreness in my lower back, hips (psoas) from sumo deadlifting and brachialis just from general training, but in the end the poundages for each lift continues to increase, and technique feels tighter.” — Rob Lepine

“Wow! Thanks Mike this looks equal parts terrible and awesome. Keeping/building my overhead should help keep my bench up I’m hoping, and the squat volume will be good. Thanks for being so flexible and inventive! Stoked!!” — Bryce Krawczyk

“Very awesome, so happy of the progress. I enjoyed the process in its entirety.” — Greg Wilkerson

“I like the way i’m training. I see my development on a step by step basis. I compare my development from last year and i see a clear difference. Mike is my coach and mentor. In hard times I know that he has my back and i know that the things he says can only improve me more and more. I’m the best powerlifter in my country now. I don’t have much more to say.” — Vishant Poeran

“I initially thought the volume wasn’t helping very much but im glad to say by the end of it all 3 of main lifts have come up huge.” — Mike Frost

“It was great learning experience especially on the RPE scale and how to listen to your body. I’m much stronger and my body is thicker, your training system is the best that I ever followed. its designed to improve powerlifters performance and sure it did. Thanks.” — Hamad Alajmi

“I’ve really enjoyed training lately! It’s awesome just getting a mail saturday, calculate some weights sunday and then just go to the gym and do it. Nothing more to it, Perfect.” — Bjorn Welde

“Really liked my strength improvements over the last cycle. The volume paid off.” — Carol Brady

“This cycle have been really great. I´ve had great gains in all my lifts. I´ve also packed on some muscles. Actually way more than I thought I would.” — Mads Falch Jorgensen

“I’ve really enjoyed the training, have learned a lot and completely changed my thinking about how I train and react to my training. I have set several new PRs and am keen to continue working with RTS.” — Dr. Chris Gibbons

“[This cycle was] great. Saw some really big strength gains out of the gate. Hit numbers I didn’t think were possible.” — Bryce Krawczyk

“[Continue] writing a great varied program that is giving me a very strong base & continues to make me stronger.” — Mary Griffin

“Very awesome, so happy of the progress. I enjoyed the process in its entirety.” — Greg Wilkerson

“I guess the thing I like the most about these lectures, besides the quality of the information, is that they seem to help shape the way I think about these things as opposed to just listing facts. In a way, it feels more like the mentorship I get from my research adviser than a class that you just kinda go to and get some info, take a test, and forget about it by the end of the month.” — Alexandru Georgescu

“Your training and coaching has been an invaluable tool in helping me grow as a lifter and a coach. Your method, experience, and your approach all appeal to me and my belief in that RTS is the best way for a powerlifter to maintain their training at an optimal level.” — Paulie Steinman, South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club

“I’m pleased with how the last cycle went. My estimated max on the bench press has climbed steadily since the end of the previous cycle.” — Mark Dowling

“I like having the spreadsheet at the beginning of each new cycle. It gives me a good idea of why we are doing what we are on any given week.” — Robert Mullener

“All in all really happy with the progression, my squat and bench have seen huge growth this training cycle.” — Mike Frost

“I wanted to thank you for giving me the tools to perform as well as I did. I set a provincial deadlift record, and took best classic lifter. Thanks Mike!” — Rob Lepine

“I’m very pleased with the last cycle, and saw considerable gains in all 3 lifts, especially in my squat and deadlift. I enjoy the challenge of each training week and session, and exercise selection based on weakness identifications and building strength specific to the contest lifts. As Mike once shared with me that strength is specific and it takes specific skills to build it.” — Rob Lepine

Photo courtesy steadygrind.net
Photo courtesy steadygrind.net

“The mock meet went very well, I put another 85 lbs onto my total from the last mock meet in Feb and we actually cut this training cycle short to accommodate my July meet. That puts me at +135 lbs since training with you starting in December. Not bad!” — Mike Garozzo

“Last cycle was crazy, I felt like I was making beginner gains again, but I was also bulking/adding bodyweight. Almost every time I stepped into the gym I set a PR. To give an example in the Feb mockmeet I failed a 510 3rd squat attempt, this past Monday not even 7 weeks later, I hit a 510 squat for a double and might have had a third in the tank! Same story on bench, 310 mockmeet good lift, but recently hit 315 for a triple in training. Deadlift has been good too going from 600 to 640 APPROX.” — Mike Garozzo

“I like the way the program is consistent, and I seem to be getting stronger even though I am aging. Keep up the great work, Mike.” — Carol Brady

“When I started with you my belted squat was around 530 and I suspect my 1rm to be around 630 at this point.” — Brody Laybolt

“Thanks so much for the great design, I really enjoy the process, and feel that I’ve gotten to know myself better as a lifter over the past year. Looking forward to the next one.” — Elliot White

“I’ve been an athlete for more than 20 years and I’ve worked with many great coaches, former Olympians, age group coaches, in multiple sports. Mike Tuchscherer is, hands down, the best coach I’ve ever worked with. He continually demonstrates that he is personally invested in YOUR progress not just as an athlete, but as a person. In my opinion, if you want a team of coaches who are invested in YOU, join Team RTS. If you want to be on a winning team with nearly 100 years combined coaching experience who will help you get results, join Team RTS.” –Adam Palmer