Technique must be challenged

There are levels to good technique. And what you have to do to make it better changes as you develop.

When you say the phrase “technique work” to most powerlifters, it conjures images of light training with a focus on body positioning. Perhaps even with an exaggerated slow tempo. And that’s fine for a basic competency in technical execution, but that’s about all.

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A Lifters Journey to Becoming Multi-Dimensional

By Coach Ross Leppala

This is a story about how a bench press specialist became a well-rounded powerlifter with a growing total.

Edward Narayan has been working with RTS for many years now.  In the beginning, he was one of our Guided Programming lifters.  After some time of following along with that program, he upgraded to All Access Coaching in October 2019 to work with me, coach Ross Leppala.  Ed is 38 years old and competes in the 140 kg weight class with over 10 years of powerlifting experience.  His day job has him working in IT services before hitting the gym for training.  

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Bending Emerging Strategies Rules for Competition Prep – Case Study

By RTS Coach Adam Jones

Case Study – Athlete Clinton Lee
Clinton is an international powerlifter who competes in the u74kg open category for Singapore. Clinton has been competing in Powerlifting for 8 years, competing in three weight classes from u93kg to u83kg and now as an u74kg. Clinton’s accolades include a silver medal overall at the 2018 IPF Open Classic Worlds in the u74kg weight class and he is currently the highest-ranked men’s lifter in the Asian Powerlifting Federation (IPF).

Clinton has been working with me for over a year now. Previously his training was mostly block periodization with very high specificity. His blocks were typically 3-4 weeks long, increasing intensity leading into competition and tapering in a typical block periodize fashion.

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How I added 129lbs to my total in 2 blocks

It sounds unbelievable. I can scarcely believe it myself. But here’s how it went down.

If you would like to see the full program in it’s entirety, check out the Program Library inside RTS Training Lab. Full details, additional information, support for modifications, and deployment for yourself/your athletes is all available.
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Winners Win

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So there I was… It was 2009. I was at the Raw Unity Meet. At the time, this was the BIGGEST raw competition on the planet. It was put on by my friend Eric Talmant and was a way for all powerlifters — equipped or raw… tested or untested… to compete at the same event under the same rules. I was in the 125kg class competing against Scott Smith, an impressively strong untested lifter from the USPF.

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5 Common RPE Roadblocks and how to Overcome Them

Author: RTS Coach Ross Leppala

It’s not uncommon for people to experience roadblocks when using RPEs in their training. In fact, all of us have faced some struggles along the way in applying them effectively.

You’re not alone in that area.

Even us coaches have tripped up along the way from time to time. It’s not about being mistake-free, it’s about learning and adapting along the way to make smart choices and build momentum.

Here are some common RPE roadblocks and some ideas on how you can overcome them!

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Training is Meant to be Hard!

Author: RTS Coach John Garafano

Training is meant to be HARD! But that doesn’t mean it has to crush you either!

This is intuitive, right? I mean, we are here to do something hard. We are here to push our physical bodies to limits that we often don’t think are possible –exploring the uppermost limit of our strength potential, winning championships, podium finishes, breaking records, beating our personal bests, and being the strongest human we can be.

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Author: Shane Martin

When you first get into equipped powerlifting it can be daunting and confusing. There are limited resources and lots of misconceptions. Here I want to share 5 mistakes and how to avoid them:


Don’t. Please. It will save you hours of frustration. How your gear fits plays a huge role in your enjoyment and success in equipped. You can’t learn something you can’t manipulate. And if you have gear too tight, you are making the learning process cumbersome.

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Weekly Progressions and Training Expectations

Weekly Progressions and Training Expectations – By Hayden Pritchard

I had to train early this morning. 

This was not normal, or ideal.

While training is important to me, it is far from the most important thing. Hence, although I prefer to lift in the afternoon, I wanted to go to my son’s vaccinations, which are booked at my usual training time.

So I made the call to get out of bed earlier, so I could still get my training in but prioritize my family.


There are people who love to train early, I think those people are crazy.

I am not a fan of lifting in the morning. 

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Velocity Based Training Q & A Part 3

Velocity training with Landyn Hickmott

I would like to start off this article by saying that the Velocity-Based Training Courses (both the VBT Theory Course and the VBT Application Course) are incredibly comprehensive to the powerlifting athlete, the powerlifting coach, and the strength enthusiast from an applied perspective. The format of the VBT Courses enables you to easily grasp the content and apply it directly into your training that same day! However, I’ve had numerous people reach out to me with some slightly more nuanced questions in relation to some of the free slides that I have shared; therefore, I thought I’d share some of the nuanced answers to those questions here. This article is long, but please feel welcome to read each individual question/answer in a separate sitting or navigate to the question(s)/answer(s) that are most applicable to you. Please also feel welcome to reach out to me on my website: I hope you enjoy!

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