Here you will find real-world examples of how we’ve used the RTS principles found on our site, what the results were, and what we can learn from them moving forward.

Wrong but Useful: Central/Peripheral Models By Mike Tuchscherer, August 1, 2017 Go back and read articles from the early to
Performance Downturns By Mike Tuchscherer Have you ever had this situation? You’re training, improving, and everything is going great. Then,
Travelling to Compete: How to Shift Your Circadian Clocks And Lift at Your Best When Travelling Across Time Zones By:
Project Momentum 17-1 Results By Mike Tuchscherer Project Momentum 17-1 Post Project Analysis I’ve often heard people suggest that the
Why Percentage Programs Should Still Track RPE By Mike Tuchscherer Theme:  RPE should be considered a core metric in your
Case Studies in Powerlifting -- Tim Thomas by Brady Stewart Tim Thomas Age: 53 Occupation: Sales/Recruiter Sport: Powerlifting - Bench
Concurrent Training By Greg Nuckols Cardiovascular training has been much maligned in the powerlifting community. By that, I am referring
Training the High School Powerlifter By Chad McMullin, MS, CSCS Having been head coach of the Warren Central powerlifting team for
GPP Considerations for Strength Sports By Mike Tuchscherer General Physical Preparedness (or “GPP”) has become somewhat of a catch phrase
TRAC Instructions By Mike Tuchscherer If you don’t know what TRAC is, you should definitely check out the information on