Here you will find real-world examples of how we’ve used the RTS principles found on our site, what the results were, and what we can learn from them moving forward.

by Mike Tuchscherer, 27 December 2017 Doing a lot of training volume doesn't matter much if you can't recover from
by Mike Tuchscherer, 20 December  2017 Deloading is taking an easy week every third or fourth week, right? Well... That's
by Mike Tuchscherer, 14 December  2017 Back in 2008, we had a training log app on the RTS website.  For
By Mike Tuchscherer, 5 December 2017   You may see people using the term “RPE” regarding their training, but not
By Mike Tuchscherer, 14 November 2017   One of the general movement deficiencies I identify in the powerlifts is "squishing", but
Correcting Max-Effort Technical Deviations By Mike Tuchscherer, 10 September 2017 I’ve written before about why I think including assistance work is
High Stress Training Weeks By Mike Tuchscherer, 3 October 2017 From the inbox: "Why vary weekly fatigue percents at all? Why not move
5 Things I Learned at Westside By Blaine Sumner, 26 September  2017 [Note from Mike:  Blaine will be teaching a class
Using Block Reviews By Mike Tuchscherer, 12 September 2017 In my estimation, there is only one good reason to keep
Personality types and Training:  Help us Figure it Out By Mike Tuchscherer, 12 September 2017 Attention Powerlifters: Help me start